Circuit Layout
Circuit Details
Location North Yorkshire[1]
Length 2.25mi (3.62km)[2]
Corners 12[2]
Lap Record 1:25.465s (Colin Turkington 2013)[2]
First Race 1968[2]

The Croft Circuit is an English racing circuit, located in North Yorkshire.[1] At a little over two and a quarter miles, Croft has consistently hosted rounds of the BTCC since the late 1990s.[2]

Current Season[edit | edit source]

The Croft circuit is scheduled to hold the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth rounds of the 2014 BTCC season. After the meeting on the 29th of June, the season will enter the annual summer break, with the season restarting on the second of August.

History[edit | edit source]

Croft was first used as a BTCC venue in 1968, after being used extensively since the Second World War.[1] Although overlooked as a venue for in the first few seasons, Croft was used in the championship between 1968 and 1971, but other venues proved more popular with better attendences. The championship would not return until the 1990s, when the circuit was extended and major investment allowed the pits and paddock to be rebuilt.[1]

Croft became a fan favourite in its new guise, with the BTCC returning every year since.[1] When the BTCC introduced its annual summer break, Croft was commonly the race immediately before, meaning that, in recent seasons, it has become a key meeting for people to mount a title challenge.[2] The most contemporary example of this was Colin Turkington, who took two wins at the 2013 meeting to challenge for the title in the second half of the season.[2]

Records[edit | edit source]

Some records of the BTCC at the Croft Circuit are shown below:

  • Lap Record - 1:25.290s (Colin Turkington 2013)
  • Qualifying Record - 1:24.465s (Colin Turkington 2013)

References[edit | edit source]

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