David Haynes
Driver Details
Nationality {{{{{natflag}}}}} British
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death Unknown
Début John Davy Trophy 1958
Championships 0 (9th 1964)
2015 Position Unknown
First Win Unknown
Previous Teams John Willment Automobiles
Career Statistics
Total Entries 0 (0 Starts)
Pole Positions 0
Fastest Laps 0
Wins 0 (0 in Class)
Total Points 0
Current Season
Team Unknown
Car Unknown
Number Standings Points
' 0

David Haynes was a former British Saloon Car Championship driver and class winner, who raced in the series earliest years. Haynes was known for his association with Ford produced cars, having used the Ford Zephyr during the first season of the series in 1958.


Haynes' career before his BSCC exploits is largely unknown, with no record of his results in other championships to be found.

BTCC HistoryEdit

Haynes made his debut at the first championship race of the BSCC, using a Ford Zephyr.[1] Haynes finished second in the race behind eventual champion Jack Sears, and would finish on the podium at the four other races he attended that year.[1] 1959 saw Haynes continue his form by finishing second in the four races he attended, although his results were not enough to see him challenge for the title or class title.[2]

For 1960, the Ford Zephyr that Haynes had used was not eligable to race in the championship that year.[3] Nonetheless, in the races in which the Zephyr was allowed to enter in the non-championship 1600+ Class, Haynes achieved his first class win at the final meeting.[3] This was followed with two second places in 1961, with Haynes using the Zephyr for the final time that year.

Class ChampionEdit

For 1962, Haynes switched to the Zephyr's big sister, the Ford Zodiac Mk III, which he would use at two of the season's rounds.[4] As it was, Class C was not represented in any great strength that season, meaning Haynes' one win (the second of his BSCC career) and a third place was enough to see him take the honours in that class.[4]

In his final two years in the BSCC, Haynes switched to the Ford Cortina GT, which was evolved to become the dominant force in the BSCC.[5] Three second places and a third saw Haynes clinch tenth place in the championship for 1963, a position he would beat in 1964.[5] Haynes took ninth in the championship that season, after picking up points from the two drop scores of Jim Clark.[6]

BTCC RecordEdit

A table containing David Haynes's best results in the BTCC. The figures after the information about the car used indicate David Haynes's best finish at that meeting.

David Haynes's BTCC Record
Year Team Pos Pts Car Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1958 bgcolor="Purple" style="color:white; border-radius:7px;"|NC Ford Zephyr bgcolor="#008000" rowspan="2" style="border-radius:5px; color:white;"|C 2 N 3 N 2 3 3 N - -
1959 2 N 2 N 2 2 - - - -
1960 1600+ N R N 1 - - -
1961 bgcolor="#008000" rowspan="2" style="border-radius:5px; color:white;"|C N 2 2 N - -
1962 - 13 Ford Zodiac Mk III N 3 N 1 N - - -
1963 John Willment 10th 22 Ford Cortina GT bgcolor="#214B9B" rowspan="2" style="border-radius:5px; color:white;"|B N 2 3 2 R 2 N
1964 9th 20 4 N 7 8 6 4 N - -


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