Pilsworth and Jopp both drove Elva-BMCs in FJ in 1959, so I guess thay could have been in the same team – there was certainly a connection later on, as they shared an Alan Fraser-entered Sunbeam Rapier in the Motor 6 hour race at Brands Hatch in 1962 and the Sunbeam Alpine that Pilsworth drove in the 1962 Tourist Trophy was the one driven earlier that year

at Le Mans by Jopp and Hopkirk.

I knew Peter Pilsworth in the 1963/64 period when he raced the Mini Cooper S - as I remember he ran mid-pack in big events.

He owned or managed a "racing accessory shop" in Weybridge or somewhere around there and lived in Kingston.

Might it have been connected with a Boorman's car dealership?

I also remember meeting his wife who helped nurse Stirling Moss after his big shunt -

I think there was a picture in their living room inscibed "Thanks for all your help - Stirling" - or something like that.

The 1959 BRSCC British Saloon Car Championship was the 2nd season of the championship. It began at Goodwood on 30 March and finished at Brands Hatch on 29 August. Jeff Uren became the second BSCC champion, thanks to his domination of Class C in his Ford Zephyr.[1] [2

Class B Winner Peter Pilsworth United Kingdom

1960 The Farningham Trophy Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch Circuit, Kent, Great-Britain

Date: 29/8/1960

2 133  Riley 1.5 Peter Pilsworth, GB     1489 L4 TC 1600 10 laps, 22.18,0
  147 Team Speedwell  Austin Mini Seven Graham Hill, GB   848 L4 TC 1000 3       Engine
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